Starter form problems

You can access the form here > NEW STARTER FORM

There maybe a few reasons that this form may not work for you. Below are a few examples you should try first. 

1) COMPLETE ALL BOXES: All boxes and cells must be complete. You can not skip a section.

2) CHECK FOR MISTAKES: Ensure that all the information is correct and you have not missed anything. You should ensure that the spelling of email addresses are correct and that you have the correct formats for telephone numbers, postcodes and contact details. 

3) CHECK YOUR INTERNET: Check your connection as the form needs to be connected online to work.

4)  CLOSE THE WINDOW & START AGAIN : Sometimes your device may not be able to process the form. Simply close the form and reopen to see if it refreshes the content.

5) USE ANOTHER DEVICE: Check the form works on another device incase it is your device that is the problem.

You can make use of a user guide to help a user get a complete understanding of a feature or a product. For example, this is how a user guide might look for using article template

if you are not tech savvy see if a family member can help you before you call the help line