Sometimes you cant make your shift. Whatever you do, DON'T just no call/ no show.


Let you manager know as soon as you know you have a shift that you can't work. This gives them and/or you plenty of time to find someone to cover your shift. You may also be able to trade shifts with a co-worker, just make sure you get approval and your manager knows to expect that person for your shift and you for theirs.

Step 1: Can you attend shift?

  • You must give us as much notice of possible. We will ask you to attend today unless it is life threatening or serious. If its because you are feeling poorly we often will ask you to attend todays shift and we can cover you tomorrow instead

Step 2 - Can a colleague cover?

  • Can a citrus employee cover? Do you know if there is a colleague that can cover the shift? Is there someone that is free that works for us that you know maybe able to cover for you? This may be someone that works on the same shift. If you arrange this you must update us in order for us to change the timesheets ect. 

Asking staff to cover and not updating us is deemed as an attempt to falsify your timesheets and get paid for a shift you have not worked. This is gross misconduct and should always be updated. 

Step 3: Making contact

Please do not email individuals within the business as we do not monitor our emails 24 hours a day - where as the Help desk is monitored by a separate team