Unfortunately, there’s is no statutory entitlement for workers to get time off work to attend medical appointments during work hours. This is for hospital appointments, doctors’ appointments and even trips to the dentist. The main exception to this is for pregnant women. During pregnancy, expectant mothers have the right to reasonable time off for antenatal care

Using Holiday Allowance for medical Appointments

Citrus is within their rights to take the time for attending medical appointments out of an employee’s holiday allowance.

We may also require you to take particular days as part of your holiday allowance. However, they can only do this with at least 2 days notice. Many workplaces will have policies to deal with such requests. In the first instance, have a look at your contract of employment or handbook and see if a policy is mentioned.

Can a Hospital Appointment be Taken as Sick Leave?

Taking a hospital appointment as part of sick leave allocation would not be a statutory right under UK employment law.

Can Citrus Ask For Proof of Hospital/doctors or Dental Appointment?

Any employer can ask for some kind of proof that you have to attend a hospital appointment you’ve asked for time off to attend. However, it would be reasonable for you to provide this with private medical information redacted if you do not wish to disclose the nature of your health issue.

Can Citrus Refuse Time Off For Surgery?

An employer is not legally obligated to give time off for surgery. 

However, speak to us about it, we maybe able to Look for Compromise in order to accommodate your surgery, We will want to come to some sort of arrangement to make it easier on the employee and better for the organisation.

There are a number of solutions and it is worth approaching your supervisor or manager to discuss. In an office environment it might be possible to work an extra hour or two during the week that a medical appointment is due, so that the time is given back in a form of unofficial flexi-time.

Please contact us on helpdesk@citrus-services.co.uk for more advice or call the office on 02393600003