Pay is calculated by EziTracker. 

We do not accept manual hours or timesheets that are emailed or sent in. To log your hours you must have checked in and out whilst on site to have your hours corrected logged. The number one issue trending with Wages is that staff have not clocked in or out. We are unable to change this unless you tell us within 24 hours of the missed clocked time. We can not go back in and change it after this. 

Some suggestions of why your pay may be incorrect are:

1) Leaving site early

If you leave site early you only get paid for the time worked. Some staff members are due to work a 2 hour shift for 5 days a week. This would be a total of 10 hours per week. However if they leave 15 mins early every day they would only be paid 8 hours and 45 mins. Over a month this is 5 hours lost in wages. Please always find extra things to do that would keep the site looking and feeling clean.

2) If you clock in - but not out

The system is not smart enough to work out that you did a shift. Therefor if you clock in but not out the system will "Zero" Your shift which means that you get no pay for that shift. It is very important that you scan in and out on site for the system to recognise that the work is complete. 

3) Clocking out off site

Some staff have taken barcodes home or even clock out on the way home on the bus. The system will automatically void your shift. 

4) Pay Period


The pay period that is paid at the end of the month is for the pay period 22nd - 21st. If you feel that you are missing hours check what hours are to be paid in that period. 

If for any reason you pay is still wrong then please log a ticket. Be sure to include all dates, and times in and out that you worked so we can check this with the customer.

5) Additional  worked hours not processed

You must work your contracted hours. If for any reason you need to go over your working time you must fill out a overtime request form in which will need to be approved. 

To request overtime payment fill out the form HERE

5) Holiday request was not paid

Holiday must be requested and approved in order to be paid for it. Please note if you have not accrued enough time you wouldn't be paid for it even if approved. Please see our holiday help guide for more information

If you still need to raise a pay resolution ticket you can fill out a FORM request via our app or on start a new ticket.