Did you request one?

You must have filled out a holiday request from on our website in order for us to process this payment. 

Please check to see if you received a receipt confirming we received your request. If you have not received this confirmation then we did not receive your request. 

If approved do you have enough time in your holiday allowance?

If your holiday is approved this doesn't guarantee payment for the full requested time.  It is an approval to say you can have the time off. You will only be paid for your entitlement.  For example if you request 20 hours but you only have 10 in your allowance we will only pay you the 10 hours. You will only be paid what is in your allowance. 

Bank Holidays

Everyone is paid for bank holiday within your allowance. A lot of our staff work on bank holidays so therefor wouldn't receive the entitlement. Therefor all 8 bank holidays are added to your allowance. You can use these bank holidays as part of your entitlement. You would not be paid them unless you have request the day to be paid.