Here at citrus, we find pleasure in making everyone’s job as easy as possible, so, we use a system called Ezitracker. 


Ezitracker allows Cirtus employees to clock in and out at our clients’ premises in real time. It will send alerts to key people in the business if you have not logged in by a specified time and monitors ‘lone workers’ to ensure their safety. And most importantly, it ensures you are paid for every hour you work. 

When you arrive on site, it is as easy as scanning a QR barcode from your mobile phone, so it safest to make sure you have plenty of battery. You are required to scan the QR barcode to clock in and out for every shift. But please do remember, if you have not clocked in and out for, we will not be able to see the hours you have worked, this will affect your pay. 

There is a training video on our training platform, However below is some guidance to help you get started.

Step 1 is to get you registered and set up. 

•             On your phone, download the Ezitracker app from the Google play store/apple store. (The logo is a Blue box with E inside it

•             Once downloaded, swipe left until you come to the page that says register 

•             Enter the company reference number - UK2958 

•             Then, enter your own unique pin - If you do not have one please contact us on

•             You will receive a code via text message. Please enter this code. 

•             Now you should be registered! 

•             You will need to scan the QR code on your site to complete the set up and start using the app. 

Using the app: 

1.            Open the app on your phone 

2.            Enter your unique pin  

3.            Press login at the start of your shift 

4.            Scan the QR code 

5.            Open the app at the end of your shift 

6.            Press logout 

7.            Scan the QR code to end your shift  

If you are having any issues with setting up or using the app, please contact the office on 023 93 600 003 as we will be able to assist you. 


If you do not have a QR barcode on site yet, please call the office on 02393 6000 03 and we can offer you some assistance.

or watch our EZITRACKER VIDEO Below